Abseil Training

How to prepare for your big abseil

If you’re nervous about your abseil event, you’re not alone.

While many people love the adrenaline rush of abseiling, there’s no denying that the experience can be nerve-racking too! Here, we share some tips and tricks to get you to your abseil day physically and mentally prepared for the event.

Test the waters with an Abseil Experience

This is hands-down the single best thing you can do to prepare for your big day. Signing up to an Abseil Experience means you’ll get a chance to learn the technique and get a feel for abseiling, all while on a very manageable 33ft / 10m abseil wall.

Our highly experienced instructors will be on hand not only to teach you the skills required but also to fill you with confidence in your own abilities. You’ll get to try multiple descents and by the end of the day, if you’re feeling extra brave, you can expect to abseil while blindfolded and even without hands!

Watch our Abseiling Experience video from Hatt Adventures

Know what to expect

Abseiling is a question of mind over matter. So knowing what you’re getting yourself into before the day will help to feel prepared. Not only will you know what to expect, but you’ll also have a chance to imagine what the abseil will feel like on the day. Visualisation is a great tool to help prepare for any challenge!

Watch our charity abseil video to get a feel for the day.

Remember: this is a safe event

Your instincts will be telling you that dangling hundreds of feet up in the air is a dangerous ordeal. But the reality is very different: you are in extremely safe, capable hands.

Our instructors facilitate thousands of abseils every year. Not only do we require them to have industry qualificaitons, but to also pass our bespoke training and assessment process. Our spotless safety record is a testament to our commitment to your safety.