About us

Our mission is simple:

To deliver the ULTIMATE extreme EXPERIENCE, while ensuring THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE LEVEL OF safety.

How do we do that?

Our credentials

What did we do to deserve this awesome job?

Our rigging and instructional expertise ranges from rock climbing and mountaineering, working at height, to the film and television stunt rigging world. We have taught thousands of people to climb and abseil, overcoming their fears and pushing new limits, and provide safety rigging for film crew, stunt performers and A list Hollywood actors.

MTA is the body that delivers leadership qualifications in rock climbing, abseiling and mountaineering within the UK. We’re so qualified, we’re not just instructors: we train and assess new MTA instructors too.

IRATA provides safe working conditions in industries that require rope access techniques. It boasts an unrivalled safety record and is now recognised as the world’s leading authority.

We train professional stunt performers in rock climbing for the British Stunt Register. In fact, we were asked to write the syllabus and are the only approved assessors for the climbing qualification.

What sets us apart

Staff training is everything

Thanks to our Hatt Adventures heritage (read more about this below), we’re not just qualified to be instructors…

We’re the people they call in to train and assess new instructors.

Every member of the Extreme Horizons crew is trained and assessed through a rigorous program designed by us. We test them to ensure that they possess the skills and aptitude to fulfil the role: from top-notch technical knowhow to customer facing charm.

We don’t rely on someone else to train our staff, so we know exactly what they can do. This is pivotal in an industry where safety is paramount.

Regardless of their experience, every new team member undergoes a 2-day induction programme on top of their roped industry qualifications. Only then are they deployed to work at a venue, where their training and monitoring continues on-site.

Want to find out how we can supersize your skyline adventures?

Reach out now, we’ll be happy to talk.

Our story

How Extreme Horizons was born

Extreme Horizons was set up from our sister company, Hatt Adventures, which was founded in 2005 to share our passion for the outdoors and extreme sports with those willing to venture into the unknown. These activities included rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, winter mountaineering and survival, but to name a few.

Over the years, we have run countless charity abseils and sponsored events at various buildings and landmarks around the UK. These forward-thinking venues realised skyline adventures (such as abseiling, sky walks and ziplines) are a phenomenal way to heighten their revenue and PR potential, as well as raising money for good causes.

Our decades of experience running these successful activities, and due to the complex nature of managing public attractions, we decided to offer a specialist service to these clients, with a company dedicated to urban skyline adventures.

And so Extreme Horizons was born.


Our secret

How we average 5-star reviews 

Our goal? For every client to go home with a massive smile, tell the family, brag about it at work, post it on Facebook, and get their mates a ticket.

Our sister company Hatt Adventures has achieved just that. After 15 years in the business, we’re still averaging 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook.

Being professional, safety-conscious, and super proficient in rope skills is crucial. But let’s face it, it takes a lot more than that to create a bucket-list-worthy experience.

So what sets the Extreme Horizons team apart?

Passionate people make the difference.

We don’t hire just anyone to join our team. Our people connect with clients, hold their hand if they’re feeling nervous, laugh with them, engage with their experience, and make them feel like a superhero for overcoming their fears.

Now that is something your clients will remember and share.

The team

Our core team manages operations from Extreme Aventures HQ in Brighton, UK.

Tom Hatt

Adventure is in Tom’s blood. He has climbed, kayaked, walked, cycled, dived, surfed and explored many parts of the UK and Ireland. He has also travelled in a number of locations worldwide including regular trips snowboarding in the French Alps, cross-country skiing in the Arctic Circle of Norway and climbing peaks in Nepal and India.

Tom is a highly skilled and qualified instructor and has been teaching outdoor pursuits since 1999. Tom spent 12 years as reservist with the Royal Marine Commandos and specialised as a Landing Craft coxswain.

He also works as a stunt perfomer and stunt rigger on such films as Star Wars, Bond, Kingsman, 1917, Transformers, Maleficant and Venom 2.

Kyle Holman

With two decades of working in Education and the Outdoor Industry, Kyle has a passion for outdoor learning. A keen adventurous climber, he understands what it takes to motivate and encourage others when they are afraid.

Passion for the outdoors has taken Kyle to all corners of the UK and he can be found out on the hill in all weathers.

Also loving the odd bit of paperwork, he’s now keen to bring this adventurous spirit to the skylines of UK cities.